• 25 Sep 2017

    At this past summer's IWFC AGM (held in Montréal), Christine Bergevin (IWFC Montréal member) was introduced to Jackie King (IWFC Ottawa and IWFC National Board member) by
    Karen Kinsley (IWFC Ottawa). At Christine's urging, Jackie agreed to piut her name in for the appointment process for the Canadian Chamber of Commerce.  Jackie, a stellar candidate with terrific credentials from Hill & Knowlton, has now been appointed as COO of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce.  

    On Sunday, September 24th at the Montréal chapter AGM, Martine Irman (IWFC Toronto) became Third Vice Chair of the Board of Directors and Christine Bergevin became Chair.  Anne Marie Hubert (IWFC Montréal) who currently leads the Board of the Public Policy Forum and is a Director of the Board of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce, kindly agreed to co-lead the Board Task Force on Diversity.

    It's fair to say that IWF shakers and movers are at work! Congratulations to everyone.

  • 01 Oct 2017 by Leslie Quinton

    Our opening event for the 2017-18 season was a special joint event at the beautiful Espace Caisse de Depôt in collaboration with Les Amies d'Affaires, the CDPQ’s association of women entrepreneurs. Those gathered were privileged to hear from one of the world's leading experts in women's entrepreneurship, IWF France member, Martine Liautaud, founder of the Women Initiative Foundation. Martine presented her protégée, Delphine Bellini, the head of Maison Schiaperelli, and together they discussed the challenges and opportunities facing women and in particular, the importance of mentoring and showing one another support here and internationally. All attendees received a copy of the book Breaking Through Stories and had a chance to share and network with fellow members.

    A highlight of the evening was the introduction by IWFC Montreal President Madeleine Fequière who outlined the goals, projects and some of the events of the Montreal Chapter for 2017-18 and also paid particular homage to outgoing President, Françoise Lyon. Françoise continues to play an important role on the national and international boards of IWF, and is an example of the high-quality contribution that IWF Canada makes to our organization globally. Madeleine thanked the more than 20 volunteer board director and committee members involved so far to make this year a great one, and encouraged all members to think of other excellent candidates for membership to continue the tradition of supporting and connecting with women in positions of decision-making internationally.

    A warm thank you to those members who helped this event to take place and those who were in attendance. Watch for more interesting events like this one in the days to come as well as strategic partnerships with other women’s associations to continue to reinforce the opportunity to network and demonstrate leadership.